3 Ways You Can Recruit E-Student Associates

You know AAUW has a lot to offer college students. Whether it’s lifting up the voices of women or funding campus projects, our community gives students a leadership edge. But too often, students don’t know about us, even when their schools are AAUW college/university members.

That’s where you come in. Whether you’re an AAUW member who lives near campus, a professor teaching a class related to AAUW issues, or a director in the student life office, you have the opportunity to tell students how they can connect with our community, on and off campus.

Best of all, it only takes a minute to become an e-student associate (e-SAF). The only thing students need to do is register online. They remain e-SAFs as long as they are undergraduates and their institutions retain their AAUW membership. E-SAFs also receive free national membership for the first year out of college.

Help spread the word to college students about this free membership option. Check to make sure your school is an AAUW college/university member, and then get started with these ideas:

1. Ask students in person, on campus (with a laptop).

Face to face is a great way to connect with students and tell them about AAUW. Take advantage of school club or organization days to set up a table in a high-traffic area on campus. Grab your laptop and some student brochures, and you’re ready to go. The laptop is a critical part of your table because it’s the quickest way to sign someone up. Just be sure you have Internet access and know how to navigate to the online e-SAF sign-up page.

2. Send an e-mail.

No opportunity to talk to students in person? E-mail is an easy way to spread the word about e-SAF membership. Write an e-mail to all the students you know: friends, family, or people you know through your work on campus. Introduce them to AAUW and explain how it takes just a minute to gain a lifetime community of fellow leaders (and access to programs and support that will give them a competitive edge). Again, make sure you include the link for the e-SAF sign-up page. If you don’t know many students but still want to get the word out, ask a university contact to send the e-mail.

3. Spread the word on social media.

If social media is where you’re comfortable, tweet about e-SAFs or post a status update on your Facebook page. Here’s language to get you started:

Hey [insert your local campus name] students! You can join @AAUW for free. Give a minute; gain a lifetime community of leaders. http://bit.ly/AAUWESAF #JoinAAUW

Questions? Email leadership@aauw.org.


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