Pacific Lutheran University’s Campus Action Project Grant: Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School

Pacific Lutheran University, Washington


Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment at School


After conducting two focus groups on sexual harassment, the Pacific Luther University CAP worked with a graphic designer to create informational posters and tri-folds.


The Pacific Lutheran University CAP team members conducted two focus groups with students about sexual harassment. One focus group was conducted at a conference for female students of color on the PLU campus, and the other focus group was held with a Boys & Girls Club. Once the CAP team facilitator told them what sexual harassment is, the groups readily spoke about the issues they experience. At the end, each focus group was able to come up with tools of empowerment to stop harassment as well as proactive phrases to say back to their harassers.

Download Materials

Downloadable materials include:

  • Sexual harassment trifold

Using information from the focus groups, the CAP team worked with a graphic designer to create three different posters and an informational trifold about sexual harassment. The posters include some of the exact (and anonymous) sexual harassment experiences shared in the focus groups and they all say at the bottom, “Sexual Harassment Stops Here!” The trifold contains more statistical and factual information about the issue as well as ideas for action and who to contact if a student is harassed.

The CAP team used the materials on campus and distributed them to the Boys & Girls Club. They also plan to send them to the Girls Scouts, Planned Parenthood, YWCA and other interested groups. Because of the relationship developed during the grant, the CAP team plans to establish a mentorship program with the Boys & Girls Club that would include discussions about sexual harassment using the new materials.


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