AAUW Outlook Spring/Summer 2015: Activism Everywhere

Which is a better tool for an activist, a mouse or a megaphone? This issue of Outlook explores the different ways that people are empowering women—by gathering online, by gathering in person, and by blazing trails in nontraditional fields that other women can follow. It takes all kinds of advocacy to get the job done. What kind of advocate are you?


Will the Revolution Be Tweeted?

Social justice movements have added hashtags to their toolboxes. But what does online activism accomplish?

A Room of Their Own: Why We Gather at AAUW’s Convention

There are so few spaces where women’s issues are front and center. AAUW’s convention has been an important — and historical — one.

Women Get in the Game

The video game industry is one of the fastest-growing tech fields. But why are women game developers still so scarce?

Also in this Issue

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latina-wage-gap-shareable-150x150Latina women have the biggest wage gap compared with men.
Happy-Birthday-Ellen-Swallow-Richards-shareable-150x150In December, we celebrated one of AAUW’s founders, Ellen Swallow Richards.
nccwl-women-in-boardroom-shareable-150x150Get more women into the boardroom. Send the students in your life to the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.

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