Share the “One AAUW” Video with Your Branch

The story of women’s progress toward equality is a remarkable one, and AAUW has played an important role in every chapter. Together, as One AAUW, we have worked tirelessly so that women and girls could gain more choices and opportunities, and we have made significant advances. But we’re not done yet.

Although we have come so far, many daily injustices still threaten women’s success, safety, and accomplishment. We have much more work to do. And no other organization is better positioned than AAUW to pave the way for the next level of women’s achievement.

Watch video on YouTube.

Get the abridged version. (Length: 5:45)

This video was shared at AAUW state conventions across the country in 2015. Are you interested in having AAUW staff offer a training workshop or presentation at your state or branch meeting? Let us know!

How can you use the One AAUW video to engage your communities?

1. Share it with your branch.
Watching “One AAUW” together will unite your own branch around the important concept that we are one entity with many parts, all of which are important. The language from the video can also help you create your own elevator speech for explaining AAUW’s work to others. This will ensure that everyone is “singing from the same sheet of music” at your next event.

2. Play it everywhere.
While this video is longer than others in our video library, its length can be an advantage in that passersby will always see a different aspect of the work of AAUW. If someone is particularly interested in one issue, make sure you focus on that area of interest instead of trying to show them everything we do.