Leadership Redefined: Life Lessons from the 2017 Women of Distinction

Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. Watch today’s women of distinction inspire tomorrow’s women leaders at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), America’s premier college women’s leadership conference.

2017 Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony

Inspiring Highlights from past Women of Distinction Ceremonies



This video contains highlights from the inspiring Women of Distinction ceremony, including an especially moving ending by poet Elizabeth Acevedo.



Best Ways to Share These Videos

  • Send a video to your college and university (C/U) representatives so they see firsthand the powerful speakers NCCWSL gathers to shape the next generation of women leaders. Seeing these women in action will encourage C/U representatives to tell students about the conference and to consider helping fund students to attend. You can also send it to schools you are trying to recruit to become C/U partner institutions; it’s much easier to show rather than tell people why they should join!
  • Play a video at your branch meeting when you discuss supporting AAUW. Combining this video with a former NCCWSL attendee speaking about her experience will present a very powerful case for NCCWSL support.
  • Present this (and other student-oriented videos) when you are recruiting e-student affiliates on campus.