8 Ways to Connect Your Branch with NCCWSL Students

Students who attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) return home ready to improve their campuses and their communities. Their relationship with AAUW has just begun, and by connecting with them, you can continue to build these women’s leadership skills, recruit them to join your branch, and work with them to hold diverse and engaging programs that will invigorate your branch. Here are eight ways to get started.

1. Invite a conference alumna to an AAUW branch meeting and to your AAUW state convention.

Looking to spice up your programming? Ask a NCCWSL alumna to speak about her experience at the conference and her leadership activities. This is a great way to get members excited about sending local students to NCCWSL next year. Encourage her to present on a workshop she attended at the conference. Need help finding an alumna? Just ask us. E-mail nccwsl@aauw.org or call 800.326.2289 for a list.

2. Show students the next step in their leadership journey.

NCCWSL alumnae are the next generation of AAUW leaders, and your branch can help mentor and support their growth. Work with NCCWSL alumnae to form a statewide student advisory council or start an AAUW student organization on campus.

3. Ask alumnae to join your branch!

Grow your membership by asking a NCCWSL alumna to become a member of your branch. NCCWSL alumnae can bring energy and fresh ideas to your branch. In the past, some states have created specific leadership positions within their branches for NCCWSL attendees as a way of developing programming for college students and younger members.

4. Connect with local AAUW college/university members that sent students to the conference

E-mail nccwsl@aauw.org for this year’s list of schools and build relationships with them to expand opportunities for branch programs. Make sure school representatives take advantage of the benefits of membership.

5. Connect with C/U members that did not send students to the conference.

Share information about NCCWSL and encourage schools to budget to send students next year. Point them to the NCCWSL website so they can see highlights from this year’s event and the most up-to-date information about next year’s conference.

6. Connect with local colleges or universities that are not C/U members.

Share information about the conference and AAUW and consider collaborating with a school to send students next year. AAUW C/U members that register groups of four or more receive a 15 percent discount.

7. Use the momentum from these new relationships to engage more people.

Expand your branch programming and connect with future leaders by offering students and C/U members AAUW campus leadership programs.

8. Get online.

Stay connected to NCCWSL alumnae and AAUW social media channels to get the latest updates about the conference and to get your branch’s name out there. Like NCCWSL on Facebook and follow @NCCWSL on Twitter.


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