NCCWSL: Building the Foundation to Your Future

See how Donya went from the halls of NCCWSL to the floor of the UN. NCCWSL, a two-and-a-half day conference held at the University of Maryland, College Park, brings together college women from across the United States to network, hone their leadership skills, and build their resumes. See where NCCWSL will take the students in your life!

Watch video on YouTube.

How to use this video:

  • Send the link to your CU representatives, explaining that this is just one of the many leadership opportunities their students will find through AAUW. You can also send it to schools you are trying to recruit to become CU partner institutions. It’s so much easier to show them than tell them why they need to join!
  • Play the video on campus when you recruit e-student affiliates or help a student organization with their recruitment efforts.
  • Have the video running when you are tabling in your community. It’s yet another snapshot of everything AAUW does and how we empower the future leaders of tomorrow.