Millersville University’s Campus Action Project Grant: Crossing the Line in Lancaster County: Adolescents, Sexual Harassment and Cyber Bullying

Millersville University, Pennsylvania


Adolescents, Sexual Harassment and Cyber Bullying


Millersville University students interviewed with local middle schools for focus groups. Using these results the students and the CAP team prepared a daylong conference for the students on sexual harassment and cyber-bullying.


The Millersville University CAP team conducted focus groups at six local middle schools, facilitated by over 100 Millersville University students enrolled in teacher preparation courses. The information from the focus groups helped the team develop the activities for a daylong conference.

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On April 30, the CAP team hosted their day-long conference titled Ending Sexual Harassment & Cyber-Bullying. It was open to staff, parents, and seventh and eighth graders from the School District of Lancaster, along with Millersville University students, school staff, and personnel. Two hundred and fifty people attended. The event included presentations and activities by experts on the issues of sexual harassment and cyber-bullying, skits organized by Fulton Youth Theatre, followed by an hour-long discussion with Courtney Macavinta, Co-Founder and President of The Respect Institute.

Throughout the day there were breakout sessions for the students to discuss the issues. During one breakout session, there was a parent-teacher panel where prospective teachers and practicing teachers were able to discuss the importance of how sexual harassment is handled in schools. The feedback from participants was very positive. The students said the keynote speaker and the skits were the most informative and that overall, they feel more empowered and knowledgeable about the topic.

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