Get All Your Branch Members Back! Join the AAUW Membership Phone-athon Campaign

Each year, a small percentage of AAUW branch members do not renew their memberships. This year, we are challenging all branches to participate in our 2016 phone-athon to recruit 2,016 former members back to AAUW by March 31, 2016. You can help jump-start fiscal year 2017!

Campaign Plan

January: Receive model script and call list.

Download the phone-athon script   —PDF

  • Work with your branch to gather a special Welcome Back or Operation Re-member team that will recruit former members. Former AAUW leaders are great for this task, but ask all members to volunteer.
  • In late January, AAUW will send branch membership vice presidents, finance officers, and presidents or administrators a model script and list of lapsed members to call. Add detail to the script where relevant; insert any branch and state programs, activities, and recent achievements that may appeal to a member.
  • Share the script with your call team so they are comfortable making the calls in February.
  • The AAUW Membership Department will e-mail lapsed branch members asking them to rejoin online and letting them know to expect a courtesy follow-up call from the branch!

February: Begin making your calls.

  • Have your branch members use their scripts to begin calling former members. Make sure to let those members know how important they are and how much you want them back in your branch.

  • In the list of lapsed members, indicate which members agreed to rejoin so that your branch will receive recognition when they rejoin. Remember, if they are unable to rejoin, try to keep them engaged with your newsletter or Facebook page.
  • Make sure you welcome the returning member at your next event.

March: Complete your calls and return your list.

April: See how you did and get recognized!

  • AAUW will post the phone-athon results on our website and link to an article in the next issue of Membership Matters.


Campaign Incentives

Branches that regain lapsed members in the three categories outlined below will be recognized on the AAUW website.

  • Regained 100 percent of their lapsed members
  • Regained 25 percent or more of their lapsed members
  • Regained five or more lapsed members

Your work could also be featured in the Membership Matters e-newsletter.

Hope you’ll join the effort for 2,016 in 2016!