How to Table with a Video

Tabling is a great way to increase visibility for AAUW and spread the word about AAUW’s work, and video is a fantastic tool to help you engage with future AAUW members and show the world what AAUW does on behalf of women and girls.

Follow these steps to include video at a tabling event.

  1. Decide how to show the video at your tabling event.
  2. We highly recommend that you use a laptop to play the video continuously when you table. It is the easiest option.

  3. Obtain the desired video.
  4. To avoid having to rely on wi-fi or Internet access, you’ll want your own copy

    Step One. Call or e-mail Connect2AAUW ( or 800.326.2289) for the appropriate video file. Because video files are too big to download from the AAUW website, we’ll have to either mail you a DVD or e-mail you a downloaded file with the video on it.

    Step Two. Once you have the DVD, play it on the laptop that will be used at the tabling event to ensure that the DVD works.

    Review all of the AAUW videos »

  5. Evaluate your tabling event space setup and plan accordingly.
  6. Decide where you want to place the laptop on your table. Find the closest power outlet, and figure out whether you will need an extension cord.

  7. Gather all needed items and materials for the tabling event.
  8. Make sure you have

    • AAUW paraphernalia, such as business cards and brochures, to hand out to table visitors (Visit ShopAAUW and our tabling resource for more ideas on items and materials to distribute.)
    • a laptop to show the video
    • the laptop’s power cord
    • an extension cord if needed
    • the DVD with the video

  9. Conduct a test run before the tabling event.
  10. Before the event, make sure to practice setting up the laptop and playing the DVD or video file.

    • Set up the laptop, using the power cord, along with the extension cord if needed on site.
    • Play the DVD or the downloaded video file.
    • Adjust the volume on the laptop as needed.

Practice makes perfect and ensures any potential hiccups are addressed before you are on site. Good luck!

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