How to Place an AAUW Video on Your Branch or State Website

Videos are a great way to engage with future AAUW members and show the world what AAUW does on behalf of women and girls. Members can show videos at an event, or you can make them readily available to watch on your website at any time. Just follow the instructions below to place a video on your site.

If AAUW Site Resources is maintaining your branch or state site, just send us the YouTube link along with where you want it located.

1. Go to the video’s YouTube page.

Click on the YouTube symbol in the bottom right of the play screen, or the text “WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE” when available.


2. Find the embed code.

Once you get to the video’s YouTube page, click on “Share,” then “Embed.”


3. Customize the embed code.

Use the “Video size” drop-down to customize the size of your video. If the regular embed code doesn’t work, you might have to select the “Use old embed code” check box.
Customize the AAUW video YouTube embed code.

4. Copy the embed code.

Select and copy all the code in the expanded box.
Copy the AAUW video YouTube embed code.

5. Paste the code onto your web page.

You may have to switch into the text/HTML editor in order to properly embed the code.

Find more information about embedding YouTube videos at


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