Resources for AAUW Finance Officers

The finance officer is in charge of financial operations and a vital volunteer leadership position. Below are five essential tips for finance officers. Position descriptions are also available for state and branch finance officers to help you in your leadership role.

Branch and State
Finance Tool Kit

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Appendix Resources

Download Branch Treasurer FAQ

Download Checklist for Transitioning New Treasurers and Finance Officers

Download Sample Fiscal Year Deadline Checklist for Branch Treasurers and State Chief Financial Officers

Download Branch Financial Report Template

1. Know the basic AAUW national membership dues, fees, and tax deductibility rates, and what membership discount incentives are available for new member recruitment. Add your state and branch dues to determine the total cost of membership.

2. Understand the Branch Dues Report Process. You’ll submit collected dues as members join and renew throughout the year, so choose a method that best meets your needs. Online users prefer the Member Services Database (MSD) for easy online record keeping. Others upgrade to the Membership Payment Program (MPP) for renewal invoicing and the allowance of payments by check or credit card. Listen to our membership dues processing webinar for additional tips.

3. Complete the Group Tax Exemption annual form located in the Member Services Database when it is open each year from April 1 to October 15 to be included on AAUW’s master list of recognized AAUW-affiliated entities with the IRS. In that same form, choose if you’ll be filing the branch and/or state 990-N (e-Postcard) for the year yourself or if you’d like the national office to file on behalf of the branch and/or state.

All AAUW-affiliated entities are required to file 990, 990-N or 990EZ forms each year. Those with annual gross revenue receipts of $50,000 or less are required by the IRS to complete form 990-N (e-postcard).

4. Know your resources. Fundraising Policy 501 provides fundraising rules and best practices, Membership Matters keeps you on top of important dates and deadlines as well as what’s new and happening right now with membership, and the annual report lists AAUW financials.

5. Reach out to your branch and state membership vice presidents, the finance committee, and staff, because a great finance officer depends on a great support team.