AAUW National Election FAQ

2019 AAUW national election mark


Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the 2019 AAUW National Election.



Bylaws Amendments

How do I submit my proposed amendment?

  1. Read the current AAUW bylaws.
  2. Find the article of the bylaws for which you would like to propose an amendment and click on the link.
  3. Scroll through the proposals that have already been posted, if any, and then type your proposal in the “Join the discussion…” box.
  4. Click Post Comment.

Please include the article and section numbers with your proposed amendment changes. Proposed amendments should be entered in their amended form.

Once you submit your proposal, you may wish to include your rationale for the proposal submission by adding a comment on the proposal. Simply click ‘Reply’ at the bottom of the proposal to add a comment.

Can amendments be submitted by branches and/or states?

Yes. Although the system will only recognize a valid member ID number and branches/states are not assigned member ID numbers, a member designated to represent the branch may submit the proposed amendment by noting at the beginning of the amendment proposal that it is “Submitted on behalf of branch/state name.” It is important, however, to ensure that this submission is indeed a reflection of the will of the branch/state, with a majority vote taken at a meeting with a quorum present.

What happens if there is more than one proposed amendment to a particular bylaw?

There is no limit to the number of amendments that may be proposed for a given bylaw or article and no limit to the number of comments that can be entered by different people. If several members propose amendments to a given bylaw article, they are encouraged to collaborate on common wording.

What is the amendment proposal time frame, and how will l know which amendments will be on the ballot?

Bylaws amendment proposals may be submitted online from November 1, 2018, through January 11, 2019. After January 11, the AAUW Governance Committee will reconcile the proposed amendments and make recommendations to the board about proposed amendments that will be balloted. By April 1, the amendments approved by the board for vote by the membership will be posted on the website and prepared for the voter guide, which will be emailed to members (and mailed to members without email addresses) in April 2019.

Who can comment on amendment proposals?

Any member can comment on a proposed amendment. Individuals who make proposals can comment on their own proposed amendments or those of others and may provide a rationale for their own proposal. Members may comment as many times as they wish on any of the proposed amendments.

How do I comment on and discuss these proposed changes or amendments?

When you wish to comment on a proposed bylaw amendment, you can voice your opinion in the comment section, which will automatically identify the date of your comment and your name as the commenter.

You may also use the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons under a proposed amendment to show your preference.

What is Manage subscription?

This tool provides a way for members to monitor comments. You have two options.

By choosing ‘Notify of new comments’ and then clicking ‘Subscribe,’ you will receive an email notification each time a new comment or proposal is made to that page.

By choosing ‘Notify of new replies to my comments’ and then clicking ‘Subscribe,’ you will receive an email notification each time a new comment is made to your comment or proposal only.

How do I withdraw my proposed amendment and how will members know if a proposed amendment is withdrawn?

Only the member who submitted the proposed amendment can withdraw that proposed amendment. If you are a submitter and wish to withdraw one of your proposed amendments, you can click ‘Edit’ in the area under your original proposal. This will allow you to edit your original text. Please type WITHDRAWN at the beginning of your proposal and click ‘Save.’


Proposed Resolutions

When can I propose a resolution?

The Proposed AAUW Resolutions page is open for proposals from November 1, 2018, to January 11, 2019, at 6:00 pm ET.

How is a resolution proposed?

  1. You must be logged in to enter a new resolution or to comment on one.
  2. Enter a new resolution by typing into the “Join the discussion…” box below.
  3. Click ‘Post Resolution’.

You may propose as many different resolutions as you choose.

How can we comment?

The comment procedure is the same for resolutions as it is for bylaws; please see the bylaws section for full discussion.