Resources for AAUW Fundraisers

Finding support for AAUW’s outstanding local and national programs empowers the women and girls who most need our help. That makes the work of an AAUW fundraiser crucial to the mission. AAUW programs can’t exist without funding. This tool kit will help make you the best fundraiser you can be.

Understand Fundraising Policies and Procedures

Make sure you hold your fundraiser in accordance with AAUW and IRS policies and procedures so you can do your work with confidence. Review the following documents before you begin planning:

AAUW Fundraising Policies 

IRS Regulations

Learn AAUW’s Fundraising Strategy

Unlike gifts that are restricted to specific funds, gifts to the AAUW Fund support the most urgent needs facing women and girls today and in the future. Learn more about how unrestricted gifts to AAUW have the biggest impact.

The AAUW Fund Diagram and FAQ

Hold Creative Fundraisers

Read AAUW’s Programs in a Box for step-by-step instructions on holding mission-based programs that will help you raise funds in your community. You can also find inspiration from a list of popular AAUW fundraisers compiled by the AAUW National Fundraising Committee.

Host a Free Movie Screening with Films on Global Issues or Advocacy Films to Engage Your Community

Raise Money and Help Students with The Princeton Review

Get Fundraising Ideas from the National Fundraising Committee

Use Our Online Tools to Make Your Job Easier

Use the tools below to help you report and track your fundraising efforts.

Contribution Report Form: Record and submit gifts to AAUW.

Member Services Database: See donations as they are received.

Fellowship and Grants Fund Directory: View current and past recipients for already completed endowments.

Directory of Recipients and Sponsors: View fellowship and grant recipients going back to the 2004–05 academic year.

Facebook Fundraisers: Learn how to create a fundraiser for AAUW from your account.

Share the Impact of Giving to AAUW

Gifts to AAUW make a huge difference in the lives of women and girls across the country and in your community. Share the impact of AAUW programs nationally and in your state. Share the stories of those who have benefitted with your branch or invite a fellow or grantee to share their own story.

See AAUW’s Impact by State

AAUW Annual Report

Invite a Fellow or Grantee to Your Branch

Honor an Important Person or Event

Gifts to AAUW can be even more significant when they recognize important milestones or individuals who have contributed their time, talent, and leadership to the mission.

National Giving, Local Impact

Questions and Support

Our extensive support network at the national level is eager to help you succeed in your fundraising efforts. Do not hesitate to reach out for advice on holding fundraisers as well as information on successful branch giving strategies.

Contact AAUW Advancement and Partnerships Staff 

Contact the AAUW National Fundraising Committee