Dakota State University’s Campus Action Project: Gender Pay Gap — The Naked Truth

Dakota State University, Madison, SD


Gender Pay Gap — The Naked Truth


The Women in Science and Technology (WIST) program at Dakota State University increased awareness of the gender pay gap issue through a video/blog based website. They also held various art contests in order to engage with students on their campus.


Dakota State University interviewed 25 – 30 women representing different ages, demographics, and disciplines. The interviewees provided insight into the effects of the pay gap and what can be done about it.  The CAP team featured videos of interviews with women across the country speaking on the subject of job pay inequality on their website.

Download Materials

Downloadable materials include:

  • Winning posters
  • Winning video
  • Photos of team and panel discussion
  • Panel Flyer

The students on the CAP team, with the assistance of web and social media specialists, developed a website and a social media presence to make project materials, including the recorded interviews, blog, and researched materials available. They also launched both a video and poster campus-wide contest. The videos were enhanced by animations which were disseminated through the website and social media, including YouTube.

An Equal Pay Day panel discussion also raised awareness of the gender pay gap issue, as well as salary negotiation techniques. At the Equal Pay Day panel five high profile people in South Dakota spoke on the gender pay gap issue and how to improve salary negotiation skills.

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