California State University, Northridge’s Campus Action Project: The Difference a Dollar Makes

California State University, Northridge, CA


The Difference a Dollar Makes


“The Difference a Dollar Makes” project sought to raise awareness on campus regarding the impact the gender pay gap has on female students one year after graduation. Through a semester-long project embedded in a Gender and Women’s Studies “Women, Work and Family” course, students spent the better part of a semester learning about and exploring the gender pay gap.


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As a culmination of the “Women, Work and Family” course, students became “experts” and created installations that were displayed around campus, along with informative signage. The installations visually represented how the gap limits a woman’s ability to financially compete in today’s society.

Students who worked on this project gained in depth understanding of the impact of the pay gap through their application of feminist analysis to it. Students who observed the installations became aware of the pay gap and were ultimately able to identify the limitations imposed on women as a result.

Numerous accomplishments were achieved throughout this project. Some accomplishments include: bringing Lilly Ledbetter to campus to speak on March 6, completing two successful $tart $mart workshops, informative tabling for Equal Pay Day, installation displays, and final presentations with AAUW members in attendance.

Students also took ownership of this project. They created a campaign named “Scrap Wage Gap” and worked to publicize their efforts all over campus. They created a Facebook page and a Twitter account. In addition, they regularly updated the information online and worked to get new followers.


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