Volunteer Application for National Committees and Task Forces

AAUW Needs You!

Do you want to take an active role in AAUW’s work and growth? Apply for a volunteer position on an AAUW committee or task force! We are looking for enthusiastic and responsible leaders to share their experience in a formal position within the organization.

For position descriptions, estimated time commitments, and more information, please visit the main committees and task forces page

Committee and task force members will be appointed by the national board for a two-year term beginning July 1, 2017, with the option to be re-appointed for an additional two-year term. Applicants may apply for no more than two committees or task forces. The application must include a reference with e-mail or phone number. Please ensure that the reference is notified of the listing prior to submitting your application.

The application period is now closed. Thanks for your interest.

Committee/Task Force 2017–19 Composition/Vacancies/Time and Work Descriptions

A limited number of positions are open on the following committees and task forces. Approximated time and work commitments are updated each year at the discretion of the committee chair and staff liaison. The Audit Standing Committee and the Strategic Communications Task Force will not be accepting applications. Current eligible committee members may apply for a 2017–19 term vacancy.

The Audit Standing Committee and the Strategic Communications Task Force will not be accepting applications. 

  • Finance Committee: Six members, two vacancies.
  • Governance Committee: 10 members, six vacancies.
  • Investment Committee: Six members, three vacancies.
  • Branch Program Resources Committee: Eight members, two vacancies.
  • College/University Committee: 12 members, three vacancies.
  • Fundraising Committee: 10 members, four vacancies.
  • Legal Advocacy Committee: Nine members, four vacancies.
  • Membership Committee: Nine members, four vacancies.
  • Public Policy Committee: 12 members, six vacancies.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Task Force: 10 members, nine vacancies.