Branch STEM Chair Position Description

The science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) chair serves on an AAUW branch board. The purpose of the role is to champion women’s representation in STEM by encouraging women and girls to pursue these educational and career fields. Chairs are expected to initiate and participate in local STEM events and be effective communicators for AAUW’s STEM research and programmatic efforts.

Responsibilities of Each Member of the Branch Board

  • Take an active and collaborative role in leading the branch to plan and implement AAUW activities
  • Align branch activities with state and national AAUW priorities
  • Actively recruit new members and engage existing members in activities

Specific Responsibilities of the Branch STEM Chair

Responsibilities to Your Branch

  • Develop an action plan for STEM education outreach and events that includes specific, measurable goals
  • Ensure that STEM education outreach and events are included in the state or branch budget
  • Serve on national AAUW Tech Trek or AAUW Tech Savvy state/branch committees, if applicable
  • Volunteer at AAUW Tech Trek, AAUW Tech Savvy, and AAUW branch STEM events that occur in your state
  • Attend local STEM conferences, distribute information about AAUW programs and research, network with local STEM-focused groups, and explore other opportunities to collaborate at the local level
  • Speak to community groups about AAUW research and STEM programs
  • Encourage branch and state organizations to promote local STEM events on national social media outlets by tagging and sharing with the AAUW Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • Bring successful STEM branch events to the attention of the AAUW national office and the STEM Task Force via social media
  • Publicize AAUW STEM activities at your state convention
  • Familiarize yourself with AAUW STEM educational programs and materials and be prepared to discuss the benefits of STEM engagement with branch and state organizations and community members

Responsibilities to Your State

  • Establish a communication schedule with other STEM chairs in your state; regular contact will help support branch efforts and ensure that branch programs stay on track
  • Assist AAUW branches in implementing STEM events as a leader volunteer
  • Publicize successful STEM events via state and national social media

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

  • A good candidate will be skilled in planning and goal setting, program planning and development, communications, team building, coalition building, public speaking, thinking outside the box, and consensus building. Candidates should also have a passion for STEM education and equity for women and girls.

Time Commitment

Approximate time required for this position will differ with each state. Attendance at state conventions and the AAUW National Convention is encouraged.



The USF students with an AAUW banner

4 Leader Essentials for STEM Chairs

STEM chairs host programs for local girls with their branches and state leadership, assist with expansion of the national AAUW Tech Trek and Tech Savvy programs, and spread the word about AAUW’s research in STEM.

Erin Prangley speaks at a podium at the U.S. Senate next to a panel of three other women.

National, State, and Branch Leadership Positions

Understand the responsibilities of all AAUW board members and volunteer leaders.

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STEM Branch Programs Serve 10,000 Girls Nationwide

AAUW branches across the country empower girls in their communities with programs that build confidence in male-dominated STEM fields.