AAUW Outlook Winter 2016: Claiming Creative Space: Women in the Arts

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When you think of women in the arts, are the women on the canvas or holding the brushes? We don’t typically hear women’s points of view in our culture — and that’s especially true for women of color and in the mediums that get the most critical respect. This issue of Outlook explores the history of women’s exclusion from fields such as music and art, but it also addresses the modern challenges and successes we’re seeing in filmmaking, ballet, and journalism.


Settling the Score for Women in Music

With blind auditions and bold ambitions, women are finally finding a place in music’s most respected echelons.

The High Cost of Hollywood’s Gender Bias

Tinseltown’s old boys’ club days could be over. And they should be.

The Evolving Face of Ballet

A new generation of dancers is challenging what ballerinas look like, in more ways than one.

Negative Space: Women of Art History

Women’s artwork has long been overlooked. What’s wrong with this picture?

Women’s Voices in the Newsroom

This just in: The news sounds a little different when women decide what to cover.


Also in this Issue

  • The AAUW Honolulu (HI) Branch got on board as the first Branch Navigator for the Charting the Course major gifts campaign, which is well over halfway to the $1 million goal!
  • Lobby Corps members attended a White House policy briefing and gave their two cents on issues including health care and gun violence.
  • Our former fellow’s film on child marriage was honored with Pakistan’s official submission for Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards!


Outlook on the Web

The real 10Mashable (among other hip news sites) gave a shout-out to our fair pay campaign on TheReal10.org.
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.47.34 PMAn AAUW student organization project at Texas A&M made the case for why feminism matters.


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