AAUW Outlook Winter 2014: Closer to Equality

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Volume 108, No. 1

Coming Out at Work

“You’re gay? You’re fired.” In 29 states, this reasoning is perfectly legal — which is why it took Samantha 12 years to summon the courage to come out to her co-workers.

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Is Gone. Now What?

Military and other officials predicted the end of the world, but it turns out the transition has gone smoothly since the ban on openly gay service members was lifted two years ago. Find out what the military is like these days for LGBT service members.

He Said, Ze Said: Gender and Personal Pronouns

The English language is more than a thousand years old, and it’s only just starting to catch up to the feminist movement. What can we do when the very words available to us reinforce troubling gender stereotypes?

Legislating against Hate

You probably knew that your country’s laws protect you if someone attacks you because of your race or religion. But did you know that, until 2009, no such protections existed for gender, disability, or sexual orientation?

Kids Can Be Cruel: LGBT Bullying in Schools

For more than 80 percent of LGBT students, teasing, threats, and physical violence are everyday problems. Bullied LGBT kids miss more classes, have lower GPAs, and suffer from higher levels of depression. Here’s the really scary part: As bullying moves online, it’s getting worse.

Also in this Issue

  • AAUW joins movement to get millions of girls (and boys) to code
  • Pelosi and other congresswomen improving child care for student mothers
  • Marriage equality comes (and goes) in states
  • Private companies challenging the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage
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