AAUW Outlook Spring/Summer 2014: Working Parents

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Volume 108, No. 2

Isn’t It Time for Paid Parental Leave?

It’s not just Scandinavia that has better maternity leave than we do. It’s every industrialized country on the planet.

The Child Care Conundrum

Do you have a bundle of joy — or several — at home? Congratulations. Now you get to fork over college-tuition-sized payments for child care whose quality no one can guarantee.

No Kids? No Problem

More women are saying no thanks to having kids. Why is child-free, for some, the way to be?

Elder Care and Work-Life Imbalance

Caring for elderly parents is becoming another full-time job for many workers.

Also in this Issue

  • AAUW members started preschools in the early 20th century to provide child care for working moms, and some branches still operate schools today.
  • Spread women’s suffrage history with a new learning tool that uses AAUW archives.
  • This spring, students all over the country highlighted sexual assault on their college campuses.
  • President Barack Obama signed executive orders on Equal Pay Day to give women pay protections.
  • Lilly Ledbetter’s story of pay discrimination is hitting the big screen.


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