AAUW Outlook Magazine — Fall 2010

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Volume 104, No. 3

Student Activism: New Tactics, Familiar Goals
Some women’s activists are pessimistic about young women’s enthusiasm for activism, but plenty of students are proving the doubters wrong.

Women and Politics: Lessons from the Midterm Elections
Leading up to the midterm elections, women could either make modest gains in Congress or slide back to frighteningly low representation. Find out what’s at stake for women in politics and why voters should pay attention.

Back to School after All These Years
College isn’t just for twentysomethings anymore. Nontraditional students are redefining the normal college experience by finishing school well into adulthood.

One Member, One Vote
The new One Member, One Vote process allows members unprecedented input into AAUW’s agenda. Learn the answers to your frequently asked questions about the upcoming AAUW election.

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