A Member’s Guide to AAUW Programs, Issues, and More

When a new member joins AAUW, they receive a copy of A Member’s Guide to AAUW. This brochure tells the AAUW story from our founding in 1881 and summarizes the many ways you can get involved in our organization today.

Download the member’s guide

A print version of this document is provided to new members only.

Why should I use this guide?

AAUW is an international community of advocates for women and girls, and we have a unique spread of programs, issue areas, and local communities. We often hear from members that they didn’t realize the breadth of AAUW’s work when they first joined. Leaders can review this guide with members and find opportunities for new and exciting programming and advocacy. Here are a few things to keep in mind about this guide:

  • This guide can show fellow members that we belong to an organization that helps women within and beyond their community.
  • Be open to inspiration from the brochure, and think about ways that it may help you attract and recruit new members.
  • Use this guide as a refresher, then please continue exploring the AAUW website for more details and ideas.

How should I use it?

There is so much to learn about our unique history, values, and character. Use the guide to discuss the different aspects of AAUW’s work with prospective, new, and returning members alike.


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