AAUW Board Finance Vice Chair Position Description

The board finance vice chair works with the chief financial officer in the fiscal management of AAUW. The finance vice chair shall perform the duties of the board chair in all cases in which the board chair and vice chair are unable to serve. The finance vice chair shall perform the duties usually pertaining to that office and serve as the treasurer of AAUW, chair of the AAUW Finance Committee, and chair of the AAUW Investment Committee.

Requisite skills and experience

  • Understanding of the necessity for ensuring the integrity of financial controls and reporting as related to a nonprofit organization
  • Competence in understanding financial markets and their application to nonprofit organizations
  • Knowledge of the financial regulatory environment as related to a nonprofit organization
  • Ability to explain detailed financial statements
  • Understanding of financial best practices as related to a nonprofit organization
  • Previous service as financial officer of a nonprofit organization
  • Experience with organizational strategic planning
  • Ability to access online information, create spreadsheets, and communicate via e-mail and new technologies
  • Other capabilities as listed under director requisite skills and experience

Responsibilities of each member of the AAUW Board of Directors

  • Understand dynamics of organizational governance and role of the board in strategic thinking and policy development
  • Commit to fiduciary duties of care, loyalty, and obedience
  • Work in partnership with AAUW chief executive officer and staff in setting direction and implementing the AAUW mission and strategic plans and goals
  • Monitor AAUW programs and finances; ensure sound fiscal management and necessary resources
  • Attend all board meetings and participate in AAUW events at the affiliate level, as appropriate
  • Review all written materials in preparation for board meetings
  • Review all written material and communications between board meetings and respond when necessary in a timely manner
  • Stay informed about AAUW programs and activities, as well as affiliate and member issues
  • Identify and develop future AAUW leadership at all levels
  • Represent and promote AAUW to membership and the public
  • Provide leadership in expanding the member/donor base through role modeling and support of recruitment and development initiatives
  • Participate actively in fundraising efforts and give personally according to capacity
  • Possess basic fluency with computers, Internet, and other technologies
  • Respect the protocols of board relationship with the chief executive officer and staff
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding any board business
  • Pursue ongoing board learning and professional development
  • Work toward building an inclusive AAUW with outreach to diverse communities

Specific responsibilities of the finance vice chair

  • Perform the duties of board chair in all cases in which the board chair and vice chair are unable to serve
  • Monitor the flow of AAUW funds and keep the board informed
  • Work with the chief financial officer on the fiscal management of AAUW
  • Participate actively in the development of the budget and dissemination of information needed by the staff and board to make financial decisions
  • Perform any tasks that the board chair assigns to the finance vice chair
  • Commit between two and 10 hours weekly for activities related to the finance and investment committees, a commitment that may include phone calls during the day

The finance vice chair accomplishes her or his responsibilities by completing the following tasks:

  • Through the chief executive officer and chief financial officer, oversee the collection of all dues and other monies of AAUW and make disbursements as directed by the AAUW Board of Directors
  • Serve as custodian of the title deeds, business papers, and bonds and other securities belonging to AAUW, with the approval of the board of directors
  • With approval of the board of directors, make special arrangements with the recognized financial institution or institutions regarding investments in securities and their safekeeping
  • Make an annual report to the board
  • Chair the AAUW Finance Committee
  • Chair the AAUW Investment Committee
  • Provide financial advice to states and branches on request
  • Maintain confidentiality of the executive session

Updated December 2016



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