2019 AAUW National Election Results

We had a great turnout for the 2019 National election with over 8 percent of eligible members participating in the vote, more than the 5 percent required by our bylaws. Thank you for making your voice matter!

2019 AAUW Board of Directors

Candidate Votes Term
AAUW Chair
Julia Brown 4900 2 years
AAUW Vice Chair
Malinda Gaul 4735 2 years
AAUW Directors
Karen Kirkwood 3872 3 years
Eileen Menton 3861 3 years
Cheryl Sorokin 4046 3 years
Mary Zupanc 4131 3 years
Lynn Gangone 3831 2 years
Elizabeth Haynes 3829 2 years
Andrea Cirillo 3685 1 year
Jenna Howard 3538 1 year
Lee Roper-Batker 3546 1 year
Mardy Stevens 3585 1 year

AAUW Policy Priority Proposal Voting Results

Pass Percent Affirmative Yes No Abstain Did Not Vote
Yes 97.60% 4756 117 299 43

Total Votes By State


2019 AAUW national election mark

AAUW National Election

Information about the 2019 AAUW National Election.

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AAUW Bylaws

Rules and regulations provide a framework for AAUW’s operation and management.

AAUW Board Policies

Review AAUW Board policies and responsibilities regarding operations, membership, and finances.