Event Sponsorship

AAUW offers the unique opportunity to connect with thousands of women leaders from across the globe. Join us at our national conference and regional EmpoWer networking events and distinguish your organization as a leader in women’s empowerment.

Watch our video for a preview of the exhibitors and influencers who attend our leadership conference!

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National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL)

Franchesca Ramsey takes a Selfie at NCCWSL in 2016

Are college women leaders your target demographic? Connect with nearly 800 diverse millennial women influencers at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). With more than 50 workshops, a wide-reaching Graduate School Fair and Career Fair, and the opportunity to listen to world-class speakers, NCCWSL offers attendees a space to build practical leadership skills and lasting connections. Showcase your commitment to empowering women leaders by participating in NCCWSL and cultivating a lasting relationship with this highly sought-after demographic.
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EmpoWer Event Series

These ticketed events offer networking and professional development skills to more than 100 millennial women. EmpoWer events include salary negotiation and other professional skills workshops, happy hour networking sessions, and words of wisdom from successful business leaders. Your organization and AAUW will work together to choose the city in which your event takes place.