Fueling the Sex Ed Controversy

With the huge increase in gas prices these days, I’ve been wondering about the impact on dating. Wait, I digress — “fueling” in this case refers to the news from […] Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   4 Comments   |   June 11, 2008

Equal Work ≠ Equal Pay

For many women at least, that is a fact of life. As students graduate from colleges and universities across the country this spring, I’m sure many questions have entered their […] Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   1 Comments   |   June 10, 2008

Racing for a Cure

A little over five years ago, I whispered to my godmother that she was going to be a great-godmother again. Other than my husband, she was the only one who […] Read more »

Blog   |   Leadership   |   4 Comments   |   June 05, 2008

Working Hard for the Money

Last week the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) released the report Statutory Routes to Workplace Flexibility in Cross-National Perspective, which examines workplace flexibility rights in 21 high-income countries, including […] Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   1 Comments   |   June 02, 2008

Remembering Women Soldiers

Women have served, and died, in the U.S. armed forces since the Revolutionary War. While there isn’t much documented history, the bodies of two women soldiers were found at the […] Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   3 Comments   |   May 25, 2008

Out of the Rubble

As catastrophes like the world food crisis, the deadly Myanmar cyclone, and the earthquake in China continue to grab headlines, I am grateful to see international attention being paid to […] Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   May 14, 2008

The Value of a Mother

  Cooking dinner? $14 per hour Cleaning the house? $10 per hour Healing a scraped knee? $29 per hour Being a stay-at-home mom? $117,000 per year (or $68,000 for working […] Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   May 09, 2008

Mom’s Financial Security

Mothers devote much of their lives to our well-being. If your mother is retired or nearing retirement, how much do you know about her financial security? Initiating a conversation on […] Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   May 08, 2008

Pregnancy Discrimination Today

When my grandmother became pregnant with my mother, her first child, she was fired from her job. My grandfather was still in college and they had no other income, so […] Read more »

Knowledge Is Power

I was intrigued by an e-mail to attend the first annual Negotiations Challenge at Clarkson, sponsored by the AAUW. The training session was very informative but comfortably informal. I was […] Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   April 21, 2008