Asian American and Pacific Islander Women Deserve More! Join the #AAPIEqualPay Twitter Storm

March 7, 2017


Time: 2–3 p.m. ET

Location: On Twitter! Follow @AAUW and @AAUWPolicy, and use #AAPIEqualPay

Cost: Free


Event description

Imagine if your paycheck was slashed by 15 percent. That’s a big loss in wages when it comes to budgeting for groceries, gas, doctor visits, and more. But it’s the reality for Asian American and Pacific Islander women, who are paid 85 percent of what non-Hispanic, white men are paid.

Help AAUW mark #AAPIEqualPay day, the symbolic day when Asian American and Pacific Islander women’s pay finally “catches up” to the wages that men took home the previous year. Join our Twitter storm, where we’ll explain the gender pay gap, suggest solutions for it, and — with your help — agitate for change.

Follow @AAUW and @AAUWPolicy and use hashtags #AAPIEqualPay and #EqualPay.

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gender pay gap by state map

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

The report explains the pay gap in the United States; how it affects women of all ages, races, and education levels; and what you can do to close it.

Equal pay action idea #1: loop in your legislators in Congress and the statehouse. Never underestimate the power of your voice.

Gear Up for Equal Pay Day with These Weekly Actions

Each week until Equal Pay Day (April 4, 2017) we’ll share a new action and provide more tips and tools for how you can help ensure that women are paid fairly.

gender pay gap by state map

The Gender Pay Gap by State and Congressional District

Do you know how to be the best ally you can be? Here are three top tips to follow.