Community Engagement Webinar: Collaborating with Diverse Groups

September 20, 2016


Time: 7–8 p.m. ET

Location: Online

Cost: Free

This event is now closed. Listen to the audio recording.


Event Description:

Collaborating with diverse groups in your community can help you recruit new members, hold exciting programs, and strengthen your public policy efforts. But it can be tricky to build relationships that are sustainable and fair for each group. Join AAUW’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and Membership Committee to learn how to identify groups in your community who would be good collaborators and build strong relationships that will last.

Whether you’re a programming leader looking for help identifying groups that you could work with on programming or a public policy leader looking for tips for strengthening the relationships you already have in the community, this webinar has something for you.

This webinar is an in-depth look at the Community Engagement section of the Diversity and Inclusion Tool Kit.