C/U 101 Webinar: Make the Most of Your AAUW Membership on Campus

September 1–30, 2014


Choose your date:
September 9, or
September 25

Time: 2:30 pm EDT

Location: Webinar (Listen to the archive recording.)

Cost: Free


AAUW college/university (C/U) representatives are invited to attend a C/U 101 webinar on either September 9 or 25 at 2:30 p.m. EDT. This webinar is especially designed for C/U representatives at partner member institutions who want to learn more about their role, the benefits of C/U membership, and resources available to them.

Participants can expect to

  • Learn the basics of AAUW and C/U partner membership.
  • Learn more about the expectations of C/U representatives.
  • Hear updates for the 2014-15 school year.

Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions before the call about their C/U partner membership, their C/U representative role, and other related content. AAUW campus program staff will walk you through the basics and answer your questions.

This webinar is open to current and prospective college/university representatives.

Tabling Event February

A Guide for C/U Representatives

This guide will help new and experienced C/U representatives step up into this role and stand out as leaders on campus.


AAUW College/University Partner Membership

Whether your school is a community college, a large state university, or a small liberal arts college, your staff, faculty, and students will benefit from AAUW membership.

AAUW College/University Manager Christine Hernandez (far left) and President of Denison University Adam Weinberg (center) pose with AAUW C/U represenatives.

C/U: Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered! Read up on your most frequent questions about C/U partner membership.