Conference Call: Learn about Leadership Programs for College Women

August 19, 2013


Time: 7–8 p.m. EDT

Location: Conference Call

Cost: FREE

Event Description

Applications for the AAUW National Student Advisory Council, Campus Action Project grants, and Elect Her–Campus Women Win training sites open on August 21. On this call, you will get an inside look at these campus-based leadership programs and learn how to apply, and you will have a chance to ask questions about the process and about the different programs.


Weren’t able to make the call? Don’t worry! You can listen to an archived version of the call. Use these PDF slides to follow along.


A group of young professional women stand together

How the Student Advisory Council Gave Me an Edge

We caught up with former SAC member Kerry Deikmann, who now works at American University as the coordinator of women’s and gender programming and is completing her dissertation on how women define themselves as feminists.

Towson Equal Pay Day 2013 Friends

Graduating to a Pay Gap? Not on Their Watch

Teams of professors and students at colleges across the country have put their 2012–13 AAUW Campus Action Project (CAP) grants to good use.

Nichola Greenblatt's election campaign poster

Can a Woman Be President? Just Ask These Ladies!

This year, a record number of Elect Her alumnae have gone on to run for student government president, with women running for the top seat at 16 of our 38 sites!