2017 aauw convention members talking

AAUW is excited to announce plans for a series of virtual events in 2020 that will mark the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote, inform our members and supporters in a critical presidential election year, and move us all closer to a fully fair future for women and girls.

The various virtual programs will spotlight the work you and others are doing on behalf of AAUW to ensure women and girls everywhere have equal opportunities to learn, lead and earn the salaries they deserve. In January, we’ll launch “A 2020 Vision for Equity,” which will bring together a panel with leaders from politics, business and beyond to share their insights about the progress we’ve made in women’s equity and the future of our movement. Although there will be no in-person national convention or major convening in 2020, we understand the importance of bringing women together to network and support AAUW and its mission—and our outreach will be designed with those goals in mind.

For example, we will engage members across the country — through livestreams, webinars, social media chats and other communications — to participate in important initiatives and events, such as recognizing Equal Pay Day to advocate for better laws and employer pay practices, rallying around landmark court cases for women, and launching research to continue the push for greater equity. Also, because 2020 is an election year, we’ll ensure women exercise the right to vote that so many fought so hard for a century ago. Our efforts will include a range of activities to support voter registration and get out the vote. As states and branches participate in myriad 19th Amendment commemorative activities, we’ll be working to galvanize the movement on a national scale and attract new generations and supporters for the future.

Your state and regional events and conferences are included in our 2020 plans, and we encourage you to work with us to promote your events to a larger audience. If your state or regional leaders need information about holding a regional convention, please reach out to the Connect team at connect@aauw.org.

AAUW’s decision to focus on virtual events in lieu of an in-person convening was guided by the AAUW National Convening Task Force and approved by the board of directors. The task force conducted a rigorous review of conventions, conferences and other events on gender equity taking place around the nation, with the goal of finding options that would:

  • Ensure that more members can participate. Less than 1 percent (734) of AAUW members attended our last National Convention in 2017.  While these gatherings are a rich part of our legacy and a unique opportunity for networking, the Task Force evaluated ways to convene that could engage many more members and supporters in our mission to achieve gender equity.
  • Enable financial sustainability. All four of the most recent AAUW National Conventions have operated at a financial loss, and the deficits from the 2015 and 2017 meetings were substantial. The Task Force evaluated ways to convene members that would not pull resources away from our core work of creating lasting change for women and girls.

We are looking forward to celebrating our progress in 2020 and working with you to ensure a future of equity for all.