Renee Davidson

Renee Davidson

Renee is the former Digital Communications Manager for AAUW. She developed and executed AAUW’s social media strategies and helped manage AAUW’s award-winning blog. Renee was nominated for the Women’s Media Center’s Social Media Award for her successes in leading online advocacy campaigns around gender equity and sexual violence prevention. Her writing has been published by Mic, Salon, Ms., Bitch, and more. She’s been interviewed on gender equity issues and online activism by the Washington Post, NPR, FOX 5, CQ Roll Call, and National Journal, among others. She’s passionate about feminism, owl motifs, and veggie cheesesteaks.

Work by Renee Davidson

An infographic showing the pay gap between women and men in engineering and computing

Even in High-Paying STEM Fields, Women Are Shortchanged

It seems that entering a high-paying field like engineering or computing still does not protect women against the gender pay gap. Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   7 Comments   |   April 14, 2015


AAUW regularly adds new content and an RSS feed sorts through those updates for you. Read more »

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An Interview with Dancer Lucy Bowen McCauley

“If you can’t make your passion your vocation, make it your avocation.” Arlington magazine calls her the city’s “favorite redhead.” The Washington Post praises her “warmth of personality” and “earnest […] Read more »

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Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

Dress-up wedding collections for your little “bride-to-be.” Pretty LEGOs to help her build beauty shops. Dolls skinnier than Barbie and sexier than Bratz. Pink vacuum cleaners and cleaning trolleys, makeup […] Read more »

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Toned Arms and Tight Shirts: Media Coverage of the Petraeus Affair

National news coverage this month has been dominated by the exposure of the extramarital affair of Gen. David Petraeus, former director of the CIA. But a more intense spotlight has […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   1 Comments   |   November 20, 2012

Nicholas Kristof to Students: Travel, Get Out of Comfort Zone

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof recently spoke to American University students about the Half the Sky Movement. Based on his 2009 book, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   1 Comments   |   September 17, 2012