Erica Stout

Erica Stout

Erica is the former Training and Program Manager at AAUW. Erica managed leadership development resources and programming, including leader essentials, the member trainers program, remote learning opportunities, and in-person trainings to support the growth of AAUW branches, states, and national committees. Erica holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and women’s studies from the University of Maryland.


Work by Erica Stout

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How to Build New Leaders in Your Branch

Learn how to delegate tasks and responsibilities in order to increase member engagement and pass on leadership roles. Read more »

Resource   |   June 24, 2016

Your Guide to AAUW Leader Essentials

By honing our leadership skills and staying on top of best practices, we can ensure that we will be the most effective in leading AAUW and advancing our mission. Read more »

Resource   |   May 18, 2016

Using AAUW Resources

As an AAUW leader, you have many responsibilities. AAUW recognizes all the hard work you put in as a volunteer. We want to make your job easier, and the new resources section is designed to do just that. Read more »

Resource   |   May 18, 2016
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Your New and Improved AAUW Leader Essentials

Leader Essentials are how-to resources that help you build the skills you need to be an effective leader and advance AAUW’s mission. We are proud to announce AAUW’s new Leader Essentials and a new structure for resources on the AAUW website. Read more »

Article   |   Leadership   |   May 18, 2016

Resources for Branch and State Program Vice Presidents

Your Role If you need a refresher about the role you can play in leading these crucial programs, start by reading your “job description.” Branch Program Vice President Position Description […] Read more »

Resource   |   May 13, 2016

Prepare for the Upcoming Year with Board Member Transition Tools

Set next year’s board up for success by using AAUW’s board member transition tools. These how-to guides will help you reflect on the past year and strategically align your branch to have a successful year. Read more »

Resource   |   May 12, 2016

How to Design an Effective Planning Meeting

Engaging planning meetings can set your branch or state up for success, while ineffective meetings can leave you frustrated and directionless. So how do you make sure your meetings are fun and effective? Try the tips and tools below to lead your board to success. Read more »

Resource   |   February 09, 2016

How to Create a Strategic Plan for Your Branch

Developing a strategic plan is one of the key ways you can rejuvenate your branch’s focus on AAUW’s mission and engage your members with your branch and its activities. Download the strategic planning meeting facilitator’s agenda and participant guide and read the tips below to ensure sure your strategic planning process is a success.
Read more »

Resource   |   May 27, 2015