Angela Cooper

Angela Cooper

Senior Manager, Connect

Angela Cooper oversees Connect2AAUW, a team of dedicated individuals whose focus is serving AAUW members and the public by responding to general inquiries, providing online user support, and fielding special requests with other departments and staff.

Work by Angela Cooper

Report AAUW Branch and State Local Scholarships

AAUW branches and states provide funding for local scholarship programs across the U.S. for qualified women students seeking educational funding. Read more »

Resource   |   December 07, 2018

AAUW Mailing List Order Form for State and Affiliate Leaders

The AAUW mailing list is available to state and affiliate leaders solely for the purpose of AAUW business, including state newsletters, convention mailings, leadership contact, and recruitment of national members. […] Read more »

Resource   |   December 06, 2018

Additional Dues Remittance (ADR) Form

Use the traditional Additional Dues Remittance (ADR) form throughout the year to pay national and state dues for members you have collected dues before/after the annual Branch Dues Report (BDR). Read more »

Resource   |   April 06, 2016

AAUW National Dues, Fees, and Tax Deductibility Flyer

Tax Deductibility Statement for Websites and Forms AAUW national membership dues are $59, of which $56 is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. The remaining $3 is not tax deductible […] Read more »

Resource   |   February 03, 2016

Member Services Database (MSD)

The AAUW Member Services Database (MSD) is your online access to AAUW’s national database records. Read more »

Resource   |   February 20, 2014

Membership Payment Program (MPP)

Why use the MPP? It’s Secure Billing and receiving payments is safe for you and your members. Generate dues renewal notices to email directly to your members or print and […] Read more »

Resource   |   June 07, 2013

Branch Dues Report Process

The membership year for AAUW branches runs July 1–June 30. After March 15, branches are encouraged to focus on the collection of membership dues for the next fiscal year. There […] Read more »

Resource   |   June 01, 2013

Branch Membership in AAUW

What do branch members do? In addition to national opportunities offered to all AAUW members, branch members enjoy networking at the local level, serving in local and state leadership roles, […] Read more »

Resource   |   February 04, 2013