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2019 State Convention Presentation from Chief Executive Officer Kimberly Churches

AAUW members all over the country will be meeting this spring and getting updates about AAUW’s strategic plan and goals moving forward. But those who can’t make it to a […] Read more »

Resource   |   May 22, 2019
2019 AAUW National Election Questions

How to Join the Discussion

Log In Enter your member ID and password. You must be logged in to submit a question. Look up your member ID and change your password. Join the discussion… Type […] Read more »

Resource   |   March 29, 2019
Pennsylvania Governor Wolfe shaking hand of an AAUW member in front of podium.

AAUW Members Lobby to Advance State Pay Equity Laws

AAUW leaders felt a personal sense of victory when Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a law banning employers from inquiring about a job candidate’s salary history. Read more »

Article   |   Advocacy   |   December 19, 2018

AAUW National Election FAQ

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the 2019 AAUW National Election process. Read more »

Resource   |   October 30, 2018

Members Mobilize a Million Social Media Tool

Ready to mobilize a million? Help AAUW train 10 million women in salary negotiations by 2022 and to help us achieve pay equity by 2030. The best way to expand your reach is through social media! Read more »

Resource   |   October 17, 2018
Get paid what you're worth. Learn to negotiate your salary with AAUW Work Smart at salary.aauw.org.

Member Resources for Engagement with the Strategic Plan

AAUW affiliates and members play a critical role in achieving pay equity by 2030. Learn what you can do to support the Members Mobilize a Million Challenge. Read more »

Resource   |   October 17, 2018
2019 AAUW national election mark

Application for Election to the AAUW Board of Directors

Do you want to have a hand in AAUW’s future? If you’re an AAUW member with leadership experience, you could earn one of the three appointed slots. Application deadline is November 22, 2019. Read more »

Resource   |   August 28, 2018