Girls Explore Science through Rockets and Marine Biology at Washington Tech Trek

September 16, 2013

Fifty girls from western Washington set off for Pacific Lutheran University to attend AAUW of Washington’s first Tech Trek camp this summer. Located in the port city of Tacoma, the camp takes advantage of the city’s growing science and tech industries to show girls how science and math work outside the classroom and in the real world. With a field trip to the university’s Keck Observatory and a boat trip where girls learned about marine biology, as well as classes in forensic science and rocketry, Tech Trek introduced girls to a diverse range of potential career choices.

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Tech Trek is just the latest in a long history of AAUW of Washington projects that spark girls’ interest in the tech fields. Many branches in Washington have held Expanding Your Horizons math and science conferences since the early 1980s and regularly hold STEM scholar award ceremonies for local girls. Camp director Karen Manelis was able to draw on her past work with Tech Trek in California to make the camp a success in Washington.

Other than a $50 confirmation fee, there is no cost to families who send a camper to Tech Trek, thanks to generous donations from AAUW supporters and local communities. Give to Tech Trek today and help this program continue to inspire girls in Washington.

Tech Trek at Pacific Lutheran University in Photos

Three girls in lab coats and goggles mix chemicals in a metal bowl to create soap.

Girls made soap in a Clean Chemistry class at AAUW of Washington’s Tech Trek.

Girls smile next to a model roller coaster built with paper and cardboard.

Tech Trek’s future engineers got creative in physics class to build structurally sound roller coasters.

Two girls carry a clipboard and worksheet as they look at plants in a sunny field.

On a sunny day at Pacific Lutheran University, Tech Trek campers went outside to look for patterns in nature.

Girls reach into a tank of water to try to touch stingrays inside.

Are you brave enough to pet a stingray? Tech Trek girls tried it out at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Eight girls stand by a rope climbing structure with a zoo enclosure in the background.

Tech Trek girls pose for a group photo at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Alexa Silverman By:   |   September 16, 2013