Teachers! Enter Our Battle of the Plans!

February 21, 2013


Photo by Argonna National Library, Flickr Creative Commons

On February 21, AAUW celebrated the annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, which is dedicated to showing girls how collaborative and creative engineering is and how engineers can change the world. In honor of this day, AAUW is hosting our first annual Battle of the Plans: Engineer a Lesson contest, which we hope will help girls discover the value of engineering and its importance to all career fields and interests.

Engineering may be one of the fastest-growing fields in America, but it’s also one with an astounding gender gap — only 13 percent of professional engineers are women. One reason so few women go into this educational or career path is that few girls learn about engineering.

We can change that — starting right now.

We are looking for lesson plans for K–12 classrooms that incorporate engineering skills and knowledge into a diverse range of subjects in fun, creative ways.

Why lesson plans? Well, one of the best places to introduce girls (and boys) to engineering is in the classroom — but students usually don’t encounter engineering in their curricula until college. So whether you teach biology, history, or even art or music, submit a lesson plan to our contest and show how you can introduce your students to engineering!

Submissions must

  • Make engineering relevant to a subject taught in K–12 schools
  • Be appropriate to your students’ age and grade level
  • Be 1,000 words or fewer
  • Be your original work (Lesson plans do not need to be created solely for the contest. Tried-and-true plans are encouraged!)
  • Be submitted to stem@aauw.org by March 21, 2013

Anyone with experience in K–12 education may apply. By submitting your lesson plan to this contest, you grant AAUW permission to publish your plan online along with your full name.

One winner whose lesson plan shows thoughtfulness, creativity, and originality will receive a $100 Visa gift card to spend on classroom supplies so they can continue to introduce their students to engineering. All other entries will receive a small gift from AAUW.

Not a teacher? You can still introduce a girl to engineering! Share this contest with teachers you know, spread the message about the many ways you can introduce a girl to engineering this year, and don’t forget to tell the girls you know about their amazing potential as future engineers.

Alexa Silverman By:   |   February 21, 2013