Sorry, Not Sorry: AAUW and Pantene Team Up to Help College Women Shine Strong

June 18, 2014

We still live in a world where women are paid less, unfairly criticized, and openly harassed. No wonder they feel they have to apologize for every little thing.

But we’re fighting back. Sorry, but we’re not sorry about our brains, our ambition, or our drive to make our world—and ourselves in the process—better.

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This fall AAUW, with support from Pantene, is empowering college women to stand up and fight back against the biases and stereotypes that continue to hold everyone back with the 2014-15 AAUW Campus Action Project (CAP) grants, sponsored by Pantene.

Pantene Pro-V LogoThe AAUW and Pantene CAP program will give women on up to 12 campuses the opportunity to put their ideas into action to encourage and empower other students to put an end to tired, old biases and stereotypes.

“Pantene’s commitment to raising awareness about unconscious bias and stereotypes is a perfect link with AAUW’s core mission,” says AAUW CEO Linda D. Hallman, CAE. “We look forward to further exploring these important topics and seeing how students bring the conversations to life within campuses and communities across the country.”

“Pantene is committed to helping women across the globe be strong and shine both inside and out,” said Colleen Jay, president, Procter & Gamble Global Hair Care & Color. “We are certain this evolution of the Shine Strong campaign and rollout of the global Shine Strong Fund will inspire action and change.”

Applications for the program begin each August. Sign up below to receive information as soon as it becomes available and watch and share the latest video from Pantene to help you get inspired.

Sorry, not sorry. We’re ready to shine strong and change the world.

Update January 29, 2015: You can read about all of our amazing 2014–15 Campus Action Project grantees now.

Elizabeth Bolton By:   |   June 18, 2014