Coming Soon: A New Collaboration for Inspiring Change on Campus

June 10, 2014

Pantene ShineStrong at NCCWSL“How many of you have been called bossy or called someone else bossy at some point for being a strong leader?”

That’s the question Wendy Rokose posed to the 900 college women at the 2014 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Rokose spoke on behalf of Pantene at the conference about the brand’s 2013 viral video, which took negative stereotypes of women leaders and flipped those ideas on their head.

“The response to the video inspired us to do more, so as a brand that speaks to millions of women around the world, Pantene wants to use its reach to ignite change,” Rokose said. “We created the global Pantene #ShineStrong campaign in an effort to help people recognize and adjust unconscious behaviors.”

Rokose told the group that next month Pantene will continue the campaign with the launch of a Pantene Shine Strong Fund, which will provide resources aimed at tackling biases and stereotypes that hold women back.

AAUW will collaborate with Pantene to bring this campaign to college and university campuses around the nation. An official announcement about the effort will be made soon. Stay tuned!


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Rachel Wallace By:   |   June 10, 2014