Linda Hallman to Speak at STEMconnector Town Hall

March 05, 2013

AAUW recently announced its sponsorship of STEMconnector, an organization that builds bridges between companies, nonprofit groups, and policy makers focused on building diversity in STEM. This relationship brings AAUW into a community of people working to strengthen the STEM pipeline and provides an opportunity to participate in the conversation on STEM education through STEMconnector’s online Town Hall series.

The ultimate goal of STEMconnector is to help coordinate and encourage communities focused on STEM education by bringing together information about organizations, business, and education in one place online. The work of STEMconnector reflects a broader, national conversation about how to get and keep kids interested in STEM while also bringing real-world skills into school curricula. STEMconnector’s impressive 100 Women Leaders in STEM publication, which features a profile of AAUW CEO Linda Hallman, highlights the achievements of women in the nonprofit, for-profit, and government worlds who are at the forefront of this national effort.

Since its founding, AAUW has been committed to bringing more women into these male-dominated fields through fellowships and grants to women students and researchers and policy advocacy on the federal and state level, as well as community programs on the local level in more than 40 U.S. states and territories. Under Hallman’s leadership, AAUW has continued to break ground with the 2010 research report Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and an ongoing national expansion of educational programs for girls.

AAUW welcomes the opportunity to work with STEMconnector to promote the need for STEM education. On January 30, 2013, AAUW hosted a discussion on STEMconnector’s latest research report, which analyzes the STEM job market and aims to help connect students to employers. On March 6, Hallman participated in STEMconnector’s Town Hall conference call, 100 Women Leaders in STEM, in honor of Women’s History Month to discuss STEM fields and celebrate the many ways women are making history today.

Alexa Silverman By:   |   March 05, 2013