6 Ways to Change the World during the Giving Season

November 25, 2013

This holiday season, people around the world are taking action to give back to their communities and build a better world. And we know that the best way to do that is to empower women — something we’ve been doing since 1881.

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With that in mind, here are six ways you can empower women during the giving season.

SeasonofGiving_BlogImage1. Invest in trailblazers.

Way back in 1920, scientist Marie Curie needed money to buy a gram of radium for her research, and AAUW was there to help make it happen. We love this story because it illustrates something very special about how we empower women. When amazing women reach a critical moment in their careers — when they need money to go to graduate school or to pay for child care while they finish professional degrees — they turn to AAUW.

We are proud to stand behind so many women who have blazed trails in almost every field possible — and we hope you’ll join us in investing in the next generation of history makers.

2. Fight for women’s rights.

Anyone who thinks women’s rights have already been won should just open the newspaper. In the past year, we’ve supported women workers who say they were denied promotions and paid unfairly at Wal-Mart, survivors of military sexual assault, and university staff who were allegedly fired for speaking out for women. When these women fight for justice in court, they need financial and emotional support — and they get it from AAUW’s Legal Advocacy Fund.

These legal battles are happening on the front lines of protecting women’s rights — and we’ll make sure women aren’t left standing alone.

3. Train the next Hillary, Shirley, or Olympia.

There’s no question that women like Hillary Clinton, Shirley Chisholm, and Olympia Snowe have changed the world through their political work and, perhaps more important, through the example they set for other women. Yet today, just 18 percent of the seats in Congress are held by women. Bottom line: More women need to run for office.

That’s why AAUW and Running Start launched Elect Her–Campus Women Win, the only national program that encourages and trains college women to run for student government. This program offers women everything they need: inspiration, expertise, experience, and confidence. Tell the White House to watch out.

4. Find new solutions to old problems.

The list of ways women are held back is long, and the list of solutions sometimes seems short. We’d like to change that, so AAUW researches systemic problems like access to higher education, the importance of child care for student mothers, the gender wage gap, and the lack of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We find innovative ways to fix problems — then we do everything we can to make those solutions happen.

With your help, we’ll continue empowering women in innovative ways.


It only takes $10 or $20 to empower women and girls.

5. Inspire girls to stick with science.

Thanks to all our research, we know the best ways to increase the number of women in STEM. One such way is a program called Tech Trek, which introduces girls to science in fun, innovative ways. “Tech Trek was the first time I didn’t have male classmates looking down on me or making me feel weird for loving science and math,” says Ellen Thuy Le, a recent chemical engineering graduate who attended the camp when she was 12. Right now, Tech Trek takes place in eight states — and we hope that, with your support, the other 42 aren’t far behind.

6. Give in the name of loved ones.

Almost 80 percent of Americans say they would rather have a charitable gift than one they wouldn’t use. So give someone in your life the gift of empowerment. You can feel confident knowing that AAUW has received seals of approval and high ratings from Charity Navigator, GuideStar, and GreatNonprofits for our financial stability, transparency, accountability, and impact. This means that, as an AAUW supporter, you can donate knowing that your gifts are being put to the best possible use.

Rachel Wallace By:   |   November 25, 2013