Available for Comment: AAUW Policy Expert to Discuss the Election

November 06, 2012


Elizabeth Owens, owense@aauw.org


WASHINGTON – Lisa Maatz, the top policy adviser at the American Association of University Women (AAUW), will be available for comment this week on the election, including the impact of women voters, the gender gap in voter turnout, the millennial vote, and the AAUW Action Fund It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard campaign to turn out young women voters.

Maatz is also available to speak on election issues such as

    • Equal pay, including the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and the wage gap
    • Jobs and the economy
    • Reproductive rights, including family planning and birth control accessibility
    • Work-life balance and paid sick days
    • The Violence Against Women Act
    • Title IX/gender equity in education
    • Higher education, including accessibility, student aid, Pell grants, and student debt
    • The “fiscal cliff” and its impact on women and families

Maatz has been the director of public policy and government relations at the American Association of University Women since 2003. She is a sought-after speaker across the nation and has a large and devoted following on Twitter. Maatz also provides leadership to several coalitions working to advance opportunities for women and girls, including the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education and the Paycheck Fairness Act Coalition. Recently featured in the book Secrets of Powerful Women: Leading Change for a New Generation, Maatz has developed a reputation for her strategic approach to legislation and advocacy.


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