Rally Your Branches to Vote and Win a Flag Flown Over the U.S. Capitol

American Flag over US Capitol
April 13, 2015

AAUW members are fiercely proud of fulfilling their civic duty and exercising their right to vote in our nation’s elections. Now your branches can channel that passion and help shape the future of our great organization by ensuring that eligible members vote in the 2015 AAUW National Election.

Encourage your fellow branch members to be informed voters. Review the 2015–17 AAUW Board of Directors candidate guide to learn about the candidates for national office. Also be sure to point members to the AAUW voter guide, which includes 12 proposals for AAUW’s Public Policy Platform and five proposed bylaw amendments.

You can even turn your next branch meeting into a polling place. Bring laptops or other devices to help turn out the vote in your branch.

You and future generations will be able to take pride in your efforts to rally the vote! The first 25 branches to have 75 percent or more of eligible voters cast votes in the national election will win a flag that has been flown over the U.S. Capitol. Those branches will also be recognized at the 2015 AAUW National Convention in San Diego.

Don’t wait! Show your AAUW pride and turn out the vote!

cordygalligan By:   |   April 13, 2015