AAUW Action Fund Releases Voter Toolkit

September 26, 2012



Amy Becker


Includes Congressional Voting Record, Summary of Obama Administration’s Performance

WASHINGTON — Today the AAUW Action Fund released the VoteHER Toolkit — an essential guide to how candidates and elected officials stack up on issues important to women and their families this election year. Making sure voters have clear information on candidate positions is as critical as getting people to the polls in November. This is especially true for women, whose votes will likely decide the 2012 election. The AAUW Action Fund’s nationwide It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard campaign continues to reach out to young women to educate them and mobilize their vote on November 6. They, and women everywhere, now have a trusted resource in the VoteHER Toolkit.

The VoteHER Toolkit includes three resources: the annually released AAUW Action Fund Congressional Voting Record, voter guides comparing candidates in the presidential and key Senate races, and a summary of the Obama administration’s performance in its first term. All three resources focus on AAUW priority issues.

“When looking at the toolkit, a clear contrast emerges between the candidates, some of whom prefer political stalemate and ideological lockstep to action on the issues women care about,” said AAUW Executive Director Linda D. Hallman, CAE. “As the Congressional Voting Record explains, the current Congress has held hostage vital legislation such as the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act while voting time and time again to end or cut funding for programs like women’s health and student aid.”

The AAUW Action Fund’s voter guides, which rely on public statements and official votes from candidates for office, illuminate the choices women voters face in close races nationwide. In addition, women have closely watched the performance of the Obama administration over its first term. AAUW’s report on the administration’s successes and on its challenges shines light on the inner workings of our nation’s capital — information that is invaluable to every voter.

“Candidates know they need the women’s vote to win. It’s less clear if they understand that to win our vote, candidates must speak concretely to the issues we care about. They need to wake up to women’s priorities and understand that platitudes and pandering won’t pass the smell test,” said Lisa Maatz, AAUW director of public policy and government relations. “Our VoteHER Toolkit provides the information voters need to understand the positions of their current and potential elected officials. We know that women will use it wisely — and that they will continue to hold officials accountable after the election.”


Amy Becker By:   |   September 26, 2012