5 Issues We’re Watching in 2020

A woman leans over a voting booth.
October 29, 2019


As the 2020 presidential campaign gets underway, the power of women is on full display.

Maybe it’s that there are so many women in the race — the largest number in history — or because the candidates are eager to earn our support. Whatever the reason, the issues that matter most to us are finally getting attention.

As a non-partisan organization, AAUW doesn’t endorse specific candidates. But that doesn’t mean we’re not advocates for the policies that matter most to us. Indeed, we have a long history of championing policies that advance equality for women in education and the workplace.

So, in the months ahead, AAUW will be watching closely to see where candidates stand on these five issues:

  1. Equal Pay for Equal Work. To close the stubborn wage gap, we need leaders who will pass the federal Paycheck Fairness Act and advocate for laws and policies that ensure women are not discriminated against at work.
  2. Investing in Education. Education is the pathway for women and girls, but too many of our schools are falling short. We need to raise teacher pay, invest in STEM education, protect Title IX and make education a top national priority.
  3. Reducing Student Debt. Women hold two-thirds of the nation’s $1.46 trillion educational debt. Policymakers should protect grant programs, champion tuition- and debt-free options and expand loan forgiveness programs.
  4. Strengthening Social Security. Because of lower wages and time off from work, women collect about $320 a month less than men do in Social Security benefits. Our lawmakers need to address the retirement wage gap women face.
  5. Implementing Paid Leave. The U.S. is the only developed country without paid family and sick leave. Let’s adopt policies to give workers paid time off for illness and caregiving.

You know how much is at stake in the next election. So, please, do what you’ve done in the past: Tune in, get involved, make your voices heard — and ensure that we harness the power of women to drive the national agenda.

Mary Hickey By:   |   October 29, 2019

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