5 Ways to #StandUptoSexism

February 10, 2017

I stand up to sexism because Masculinity is so fragile
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Most people agree that gender discrimination is unacceptable. Yet it still persists and assumes many forms, from the seemingly harmless workplace comments to the denial of equal pay for equal work.

So what can you do?
Here are a few ways you can #StandUptoSexism.

1. Challenge Your Own Unconscious Biases

Challenge Your Own Unconscious BiasesThe truth is that even the most dedicated of activists can harbor unconscious biases around issues like gender and race. Fortunately, we can all take action to combat our preconceived ideas. Change begins within each of us, and identifying our own biases paves the way for dismantling bias when we see it happen externally.

2. Be an Active Bystander

Be an Active BystanderWhen it comes to sexism, stand up! Don’t stand by. The small actions we take on a daily basis are the changes society needs. Speak out if you hear a sexist joke or comment, write a letter to the editor when you read a biased article, and (safely) intervene when you witness an unjust situation. Don’t forget to download our flyer and share it with the hashtag #StandUptoSexism to make your voice heard.

3. Create a Community

Create a CommunityThere’s power in numbers, and it’s easier to stand up to inequality and injustice with allies. Creating a community not only supports you in your work, but it also provides the space to discuss issues facing women today. AAUW has more than 1,000 member branches nationwide, more than a dozen chapters of our Younger Women’s Taskforce, and more than 100 student organizations and 800 college/university members. No matter your age, we’ve got a network waiting for you.

4. Be Your Own Advocate

Become your own advocateGender stereotypes keep many women from excelling in their careers and realizing their leadership potential. It’s crucial for women to develop confidence-building skills to advocate for what they deserve, including a fair salary. Women must speak up for themselves, push against harmful stereotypes, and demand to be fairly compensated for what they bring to the table.

5. Start a Movement

Confront some of the most pressing issues facing women and girls today, including the gender pay gap, the lack of women in STEM fields, and sexism in leadership. Think it can’t be done? Think again. These students helped establish their university’s Sexual Assault Crisis Center, these young women launched city-wide programs for gender equity, and these advocates used creativity to push for equal pay.

Ultimately, one of the best things you can do for women’s equality is uplift and empower other women and girls. Let the women in your life know about opportunities that can support them. AAUW offers fellowships, scholarships, and research grants to help women in male-dominated fields; salary negotiation workshops to help close the gender pay gap; and leadership training to help build the next generation of leaders. Invite a friend to join AAUW today.

This post was written by AAUW Communications Intern Hannah Golden.


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i stand up to sexism because i have to
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