These Are the Feminist Messages We Need Now More Than Ever

February 08, 2017

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to spread your feminist spirit and love for AAUW? Then look no further! We’ve created a set of empowering messages that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond.

Whether you’re passionate about closing the gender pay gap, combatting campus sexual assault, funding educational opportunities for women, empowering female leadership, or all of the above, these images are meant to motivate and inspire you to keep up the fight. You can also purchase these as stickers to use and share IRL! Check out ShopAAUW for more information.

Be sure to let us know which image is your favorite, and don’t forget to sign up for AAUW’s Two-Minute Activist tool to make your voice heard on issues affecting women and girls.

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Bossy isn’t a bad thing. Own your leadership skills and be proud of your bossiness!


You are enough. Never underestimate your worth.


Women are typically paid just 80 cents for every dollar paid to men. It’s about time that changes!


Some labels we’ll defy. Others we’ll embrace.


Enough said, right?



A view of the Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial.
Your Every Question Answered: Advocacy How-to Guides

Use these resources to guide you in advocating for women and girls through a variety of tactics and actions.

Happy crowds fly U.S. and LGBT flags outside the Supreme Court
Become a Two-Minute Activist

Make your voice heard on issues like equal pay, U.S. Supreme Court nominations, and Title IX. We make it easy for you to contact your representatives.

Wear that pink hat all year long by getting involved with advocacy at AAUW! aauwpinkhat Copyright David Hathcox for AAUW
Change Begins with You — and Takes Less Than Two Minutes

Never content to sit out history, AAUW members were front and center at women’s marches across the country.

Mekita Rivas By:   |   February 08, 2017

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