Glimpses from the 2017 Women’s March

January 24, 2017


On January 21, 2017, at least half a million people descended upon Washington, D.C., to march for gender equality. Millions more joined in sister marches across the United States and around the world. Never content to sit out history, AAUW members were right there front and center. AAUW staff, members, and supporters marched to make their voices heard in our nation’s capital and across the country. The AAUW delegation came to D.C. by bus, plane, train, and automobile. All came with the same goal: to proclaim that women’s rights are human rights.

In addition to sharing chants and signs, members raised their voices through local and national media outlets to get out the message that AAUW stands up for equality and civil rights of all Americans.

As a nonpartisan organization, AAUW marched to remind elected officials that women are watching and will make their voices heard on any action (or inaction) on women’s issues. Now that the march is over, take the next step with AAUW. And remember to check out AAUW’s Facebook page to see even more highlights from marches across the country!

Still fired up? Keep the fight for equality going 365 days a year! Become a Two-Minute Activist to take action on women’s issues at the local, state, and federal levels. Plus, get an insider’s view on the legislative process by signing up for the weekly e-bulletin Washington Update. If you’re an AAUW member, take a moment to sign up for AAUW in the Statehouse to get updates on state policy from across the country and resources to make you a more effective advocate in your own community. Join AAUW now and find a branch in your area to see how you can get involved in the fight for gender equality. You provide the voice, we’ll provide the megaphone!



AAUW employees hold protest signs at the Supreme Court

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The Capitol Building

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The member-voted Public Policy Priorities underscores AAUW’s mission and speaks to women’s needs, aspirations, and concerns.

10 actions/100 days Women's March on Washington Postcard

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Amy Becker By:   |   January 24, 2017

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