Follow the State of the Union with AAUW — and Bingo!

President Barack Obama stands at a podium in front of a crowd.

Image by Joshua Wanyama, Flickr Creative Commons

January 09, 2015

Every year the president uses the State of the Union address to lay out an agenda to Congress and identify the administration’s priorities and proposals. And every year we tune in to hear what the president promises to do to move women’s issues forward. This year, the speech is set for January 20, and we ask you to help us follow along through a friendly (or not-so-friendly!) game of bingo.

We’ve created bingo cards with some of the key words women and girls want to hear from President Barack Obama this year. Simply print out a card, grab your favorite marker, and you’re ready to play.

But because you’re doing such important work to remind the president of our issues and our voices — and because it’s always more fun to play with friends — tweet your progress and a picture of your winning card with #AAUWSOTU. We’ll be watching and even awarding some prizes!

By the end of the night, we’ll not only have some bingo winners but also a sense of whether Obama’s 2015 agenda will help women and girls succeed. Good luck to us all!

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SOTU Bingo 2015-blue1

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SOTU Bingo 2015-white3

Deborah Swerdlow By:   |   January 09, 2015


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